Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Thank You From One Generation to Another

Dearest Dr. Brent,      
You have changed our hearts forever. We will always treasure our time with you as some of the most influential moments of our lives. Not only did you surprise us with your witty sarcasm, but you blessed us with your sweet comments. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your lessons.      

Love always,
Sabrina Elliott, Michael Dickinson, and Emma Martin

Dear Chan,
Thank you for sharing your stories and being a wonderful teacher to us these past few days. It was an honor to walk with you through so many historical places and be a witness to your memories. You have permanently made a mark on all our hearts, and we hope we have done the same for you. Thank you for your service in the military, and fighting for us so we didn't have to. We will be sure to share your legacy with as many people as possible, so that what you have done for us is never forgotten!

We love you and hope to see you again soon!
April Van Haitsma, Grace Helms, and Sarah Unruh

Dear Hall,
Thank you so much for all the memories and stories you have shared with us. We are proud to have made a friendship that will last a lifetime. You have been a blessing to be around and have changed the way we look at history forever. We look forward to hearing from you more in the future.

With love and humbled hearts,
Austin Plummer and Bonnie Andersen

Dearest Gershon,
First of are phenomenal and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We would not trade our time with you for anything because we have developed a relationship that is bound by something stronger than words. Your life stories are unforgettable and we cherish all that you are, past and present. Thank you for being such an influential man in our lives. We love you like family, Grandpa Gerk. We are both excited to maintain our relationship with you for years to come.

Ashley Bench and Trey Owens

To our good friend Gordon,
Thank you for the joy and wisdom you have shared with us over the past week. Your positive outlook on life has helped to keep smiles on our faces,  even as we witnessed the horrors of mankind. The time we have shared with you is forever planted in our hearts. We appreciate your service to this country and your stories will not be forgotten.  We look forward to seeing you in the future.

With Love,
Tara Paczowski and Ryan Meeks

Dear Mr. Spooner,
Thank you for joining us on this trip. You continuously told us that our lives will be changed when the trip is over and you are right. You have kindly opened up and shared your experiences of trials and triumphs. Your stories and passionate words have left lasting effects on our lives. We will take your experiences and share them with others so they can better understand the horrors and consequences of hatred. We thank you again and we hope to see soon in the future.

Alex Berner and Kari Jurgena

To Mr. Mickey Dorsey,
You are truly one of a kind. Thank you for all of the laughs, memories you shared of your past experiences, your willingness to participate in every activity, and the time you invested into us.  Thank you for your bravery in serving our country to protect our freedoms and for being an outstanding example of overcoming adversity. They say you learn from history only by experiencing it, and we believe you are one of the greatest teachers. Even when we return home, we will take a piece of you with us always.

Ashton Phillips, John Withrow and Alexis Schields